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during 2015, grand-parenting boy dogs, boy grand-sons and more on the way.

I haven’t had much success being employed by mainstream employers in my life, but the foundation of a Love of Learning was provided to me, which empowered me and be pro-active in parenting.

Such a joy to be a Grand-mother now and conscious of passing on what tools of Love and Knowledge to them to fulfil their potential and contribute to the wider society.

The Gonski Report on a way to meet the Education reforms for the present and future so all children have a fair go at finding opportunities – A consensus emerged before the last election that this was the best path forward, the best investment a country could make.

The Liberal-National Party lied to get into power. They don’t want to spend so much money on a decent education on kids with disabilities, from low to middle incomes….their kids will be all right, so like the selfish, despicable wilful ignorance of Climate Change policy, Australia has devolved; Commonwealth coffers of money prop carbon polluters, and people like them who will luxuriate in a Super-retirement class.

The evidence, the analysis, the history of political evasion can be gained from independent and other sources. I read and listen widely thanks to the gifts of Science and the publicly funded CSIRO, ABC, WWW.

Conclusion: A positive, 21st century enlightened education must be hoped for, must be campaigned for and voted on by the majority.

Peace on Earth, Good will to all boys and girls and may we all be productive with respect for Mother Nature. Merry be 2016.


A NANA’S WISH: It’s a wonderful world for you if we piss off Tony Abbott Govt. flat earthers and have policies more likely to give you a decent future.





Max Ernst 1962 Violet Sonne
Max Ernst 1962
Violet Sonne

Changing pictures around the walls of home, reflections of us, licks of fresh lilac paint in our boudoir, tongue & groove, I find at pinterest a favourite passion of husband, the artist Max Ernst.

Max Ernst in Venice
Attirement of the Bride 1940

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Aussies say, You Beauty, and that was us travelling beautiful bits of Europe in 2010 – memories shared together, and knees forever damaged on cobble-stone roads.

Recovery with feet up on Queenslander verandah, I pin pictures of paintings by Australian painter Fred Williams. Thanks to Roy, his passion became mine.

Fred Williams
Fred Williams

Our dual Nationality of English city born/Australian cured is happy to be home this start of Spring 2015, golden wattle-lined roads.

Fred Williams, black wattle

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THE BLACK COUNTRY/ Write to Federal MPs about refugee policy

Australian Refugee Policy has been part of my hole in the soulful travail.  How can MP’s be so cruel? It’s the 21st century:refugee

I spent my first 14 years in Birmingham, England, a multi-cultural society: Catholic Irish neighbours, Indian, Cypriot, West Indian/Jamaica, German, Pakistani and all of the Commonwealth melting pot.

26 Exeter Rd Selly Oak
Ready for school 1972 Sophie and I with twin sisters.

My first shocks of racism were from my own parents who were unconcerned by putting down the lazy Irish or blackies. More horrifying was hearing Wolverhampton Conservative MP Enoch Powell in Dudley, what is called the ‘rivers of blood’ speech. 1969. I was 6, listening to diatribe, not knowing the word, RACISM.

Ironically, this man was speaking from what is colloquially called THE BLACK COUNTRY.  As a kid I thought that was where Black People came from…but it was where my Nail Making/Coal Mining ancestors worked for a pittance for hundreds of years, amid pollution during the Industrial Revolution.

Named after Oliver Cromwell for being tough and hard.
Nail maker tool, named after Oliver Cromwell for being tough and hard.

When the industries died some moved to Sheffield for the steel, or to Carnegie’s Steel works in America. My sisters and I descended from those who went walked and caught a tram to the new manufacturing suburb of  Selly Oak a few miles down the Roman road circa 1900.

Ariel Cycle Co Dale Rd Selly Oak c 1899
Ariel Cycle Co
Dale Rd Selly Oak c 1899

Family migration is all about work opportunities, a future for your kids. Governments and Churches have policies to encourage babies, and ‘growth’ and ‘productivity’.

The Tory establishment has a habit of suppressing how money is to be made and how inherited wealth has been gained. The Conservative forces don’t want children knowing the facts of dispossession and white slavery of their own people which made Empires.

Why do Politicians persuade the working-classes to hate “the other”. It’s called DIVIDE & CONQUER.

MP Wolverhampton - Conservative Party UK
MP Wolverhampton – Conservative Party UK

Mandela on poverty

Now I live in the Land of Oz , my Celtic Summerland, Down-Under, but I didn’t learn about THE WHITE AUSTRALIA POLICY which was the first law of the 1901 Federation.

Lajamanu 1989
1989. Lajamanu. Norther Territory puppet show tour. Learning about Skin Names in Walpiri tradition.


Racist  ideology and stealing/occupying Land for generational wealth is nothing new, (ask the God of Abraham). Enacting any Means to any End at all times throughout history (of course is in the interests of the few or 1% at the top of the hierarchy.

The threat to social democracy now is withdrawal of  funding to all the services for those who are disadvantaged. Services which were lobbied for from the beginning of the 20th century are the first to go. The Conquerers break the Spirit of a population so they won’t march to Parliament.

My husband and I (originally from Leeds) came over in our teens to the ‘Lucky Country’. Strangely, we both had thought we would go back to Britain if there was a Revolution!

In the 1890’s new manufacturers of Birmingham had complained about the lack of literacy in their workers, so Capital and Government built a free primary and secondary education for all – but that didn’t include a University of Birmingham trajectory for the kids who grew up there.  

Few of us plebians knew what a University even was. It was never considered. The Birmingham University Clock told me the time from my bedroom window.

When Margaret Thatcher broke the effectiveness of Unionism, exploitation steadily grew; a rise in insecure work, uncertain hours and wages. The jobs of Cleaners are contracted out and will often go to illegal migrants.

I can remember at our favourite Indian restaurant at the top of ‘the village’ the waiter said how he was paying his passage to Selly Oak by working there. The Daily Mirror would have front page pictures of van loads of squashed Indians being smuggled into Britain in the early 1970’s.

As I reaped the dividend of being the last of the 10pound poms, (thanks to the cold head screw and tool making skills of my step-father’s Black Country heritage), the Sex Pistols summed it up in song, “No Future” and the likes of Thatcher left me with a sense of relief at my escape from Britain.

My mother’s message after working all day in a grimy factory was “I’m not working like a “Navvy” said my mother, for a slave’s wage!” She said she’d quit one job in the afternoon and went around the corner and got another one! Those were the days…but there would be the best wages she’d ever had in her life in South Clayton of Melbourne in 1979.

the chosen ones
St. John’s Orphanage endorsed free labour for the 11+ girls including Mum, to send out to isolated farms for domestic.(The Sisters of Mercy pocketed any money which was given). 1950

The only issue today is there are no lands to colonise to dump the dispossessed. The Slave trade has other names today, but there are the top 1percent who manage to take all the credit by strength of character for their Palaces and Grand Designs!

Oliver Cromwell's conscience is clean when clearing out the Irish Catholics for the Protestant elites.
Oliver Cromwell’s conscience is clean when clearing out the Irish Catholics for the Protestant elites.

Australia is spending buckets of money for a so-called Regional Solution to asylum seekers who come by boat, from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Myanmar etc

Trade deals are being struck to send migrant workers in to replace Australian labourers under award-negotiated wages.

The numbers of people who have established themselves in Australia over 200 years are now afraid of the desperate, ragged millions who have had to flee their homelands because of war and persecution.

I believe it is the racist culture which has the upper-hand of Refugee policy today. If they were white Christians coming in a boat from Indonesia there would be a hand-out, and up, wouldn’t there? They would find a room in the Inn?

Pre-Raphelite paintings at the Birmingham Gallery.
“The Last of England” 1864 heading to Australia. Pre-Raphelite paintings at the Birmingham Gallery.



Labor and the Coalition are both going to turn back refugee boats.

By doing so, they will (incidentally) be committing the crime of people smuggling, contrary to section 73 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code. But who cares if we engage in criminal offences in order to close our doors to refugees?

The trouble is that a lot of MPs simply do not understand what they are going along with.  I urge you to write to Federal MPs to see how much they actually know.  If they don’t answer, you can assume they don’t know.  They probably will not answer.

Here is a discussion about the letter-writing experience of a very dedicated person from Niddrie.  It is really useful to get this sort of information, so please let me know how you…

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‘My whole time is given to the service of my fellow citizens’ – the first women elected to Birmingham City Council

The double-edged sword of the world wide web of instant knowledge sharing is a Diversional Stimulus – I started off looking for information on daggers and swords relevant to the character in my novel set during the English Republic, and found myself learning about women in local politics where I grew up in Selly Oak Birmingham!
I am going to save this, and come back again another day. I hope I live a long time to write and research these stories of our commoners development.

The Iron Room

As we look towards International Women’s Day and the forthcoming national and local elections, it seemed a timely moment to revisit the Library’s wonderful, but surprisingly little-used, collection of election literature for evidence of the first women elected to the City Council. Although limited parliamentary suffrage was not granted to women until 1918, they had been able to vote and stand for election in local political contests for some time as members of School Boards, Poor Law Guardians and local councillors.

Birmingham Municipal Elections Literature, 1909 - 1911.  Municipal Election 1911, Edgbaston Ward, Mrs Ellen F Pinsent and two other Unionist Candidates.  [LFF35.2] Birmingham Municipal Elections Literature, 1909 – 1911. Municipal Election 1911, Edgbaston Ward, Mrs Ellen F Pinsent and two other Unionist Candidates.
[LFF35.2] In 1911 two women were elected to serve on Birmingham City Council for the first time. Before this, a few women had served on City Council committees as co-opted, unelected members, particularly committees concerned with education, and the health and welfare of women and children. This had…

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Excuse me for feeling a failure, mixed feelings about signing on to Disability Support Pension for a psychiatric condition which limits the chance of being given a job and staying in job.

Assessment for DSP takes longer, so I have been put on the lower New Start – suddenly I feel like it was back in 1982, but thankfully I have my own roof over my head now instead of having rental stress.

To show how it was back then for me, and how it is still like this for lots of Australians despite the passage of years, link to my political blog: WELFARE FOR THE COMMON YOUTH

alternatively we could cheer up with some SATIRE on a very miserable topic of how we treat asylum seekers and refugees in Australia.

Want a job that pays good money? Join the immigration department! | First Dog on the Moon | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Crikey dog


A SUPERSTITIOUS AGE, encouraged by JAMES V1 Scotland and 1st of ENGLAND. He Wrote and Reigned by Fear and Favour, 1597-1625.bonfire nightGunpowderPlot WP_Fax_of_a_Woodcut_in_the_Cosmographie_Universelle_of_Thevet_in_folio_Paris_1574 In 1597, James published Daemonologie, his rebuttal of Reginald Scot’s skeptical work, The Discoverie of Witchcraft, which questioned the very existence of witches. Daemonologie was an alarmist book, presenting the idea of a vast conspiracy of satanic witches threatening to undermine the nation. In 1604, only one year after James ascended to the English throne, he passed his new Witchcraft Act, which made raising spirits a crime punishable by execution.

A Royal Headache
King James 1st Stuart King of England, b.Edinburgh 1566-England 1625 . Married to Anne of Denmark and blamed witches of Berwick for their stormy voyage from Norway, overseeing torture and trial and execution of over 70 “witches” 1590-1592.
St Catherin's
Home Territory of the Clark & Cannaday families.

Wapping wallSTEPNEY ACKERSJohn Clark Ratcliff 1554clarke will 1666


IT WAS THE DAY PATRICK DIED – and no doubt went straight to Heaven to be with the One God which became the Bishop’s Feast Day. The pagan folk may have seen him as another kind of Druid. Patrick had an understanding of the customs and language of the Irish people because he had been kidnapped as a boy by Niall of the Nine Hostages.

The War Lord and High King from Ulster had a big litter – resulting in half of Dublin being direct descendents of, and according to Y-DNA my husband is not from the seed of Rob Roy…He’d always thought he was Scottish, but the science proves his great grandaddy had many roots in Ireland.McNeill emblem

Patrick eventually escaped guided by Godly visions. My Grandmother gave my mother a very Irish name as the Birmingham Blitz of bombs fell from the Nazgull. JRR Tolkien went to the Oratory Church in Ladywood where new-born Kathleen Patricia was taken to be baptised.

Patrick had established the early Celtic Church in Ireland, though I don’t think the leprachauns and fairy folk were allowed in, and there would have been some who resisted.

luck of the Irish

If I have any worth, it is to live my life for God so as to teach these peoples; even though some of them still look down on me.” -Saint Patrick


4000BC – the sacred site of the ancient rulers of Ireland was the Hill of Tara.

THE PAGAN PHALLIC STONE OF DESTINY  is said to have been touched by the 100

High Kings of Ireland (before the revels), guided by Druids.

Procreation of Celtic genes
Hill of Tara, County Meath, Ireland

Adjacent to this hill-top on the hill of Thane in 433AD Patrick lit an Easter fire to challenge the power of the old religion.

Challenging the pagan status quo, Patrick lit an Easter fire (Pascal). 433 AD
Challenging the pagan status quo, Patrick lit an Easter fire (Pascal). 433 AD

1970’s Birmingham UK. What do the Irish mean to me? During my Brummy childhood most of my neighbours were Irish Catholics who migrated in the early 1950’s. Mum’s Avon Lady would turn up with talcum powders and little bottles of holy water from her trips to Lourdes.

‘I’m not Catholic, ‘said my mother. ‘I’m not Irish, my mother was Scottish, ‘she said. Well now we know she is both Scots and Irish = Celtic

I knew my friends went to a different school and learned Latin, were proud of their communion dresses and accessories, plus I walked to St. Edward’s RC Church on Raddlebarn Rd as she had to confess to the priest every week. The kind of things she said, like not eating chocolate at Lent didn’t sound like a sin to me. It was alien to me.

I also accompanied my friend Pauline from across the road to Irish dancing class and taking down the numbers for a lottery fund-raiser at St Edward’s hall. Like my Mum’s mum who married a Polish post-war Catholic, Pauline’s mother Mary met and married a Polish Catholic man too…but mine married a Brummy Protestant which is why I was christened at St Wulstan’s Church of England conveniently on the corner of Exeter Rd.

I don’t remember any St. Patrick’s day parades or celebrations – probably because there was a lot of I.R.A. activity. For more info link to:

My Mum, Kathleen enjoyed any time with  an Irish whiskey and a sing-song somewhere in a Birmingham club or pub! Always she would sing her sentimental favourite:

On her second wedding night at the ex-servicemans club, Selly Oak, Birmingham
On her second wedding night at the ex-servicemans club, Selly Oak, Birmingham

BUT SHE WASN’T IRISH, even though she had red hair and was dragged up by Nuns…and then recently she met Patrick her adopted brother who had been kept secret. He was born on St. Patrick’s Day 1944 in Ladywood or what the locals called “Little Rome”.

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