Hester’s Place

So strange when one is hit by shock and grief from someone you didn’t know personally. Everyday, I manage my bi-polar disorder – a depressive or manic mood swing can be triggered so easily like the news this weekend of the tragic death of an Aussie star:



Depression trashes everything that is truthful and real and

Loved into a blackness of excruciating pain.

So sad to hear you suffered unbeknownst to the general community.

Why should we have known?

You were loved for your light, that bright spark of gaiety,

Tomfoolery, warmth, charisma and love.

On the stage; a natural charmer, gifted musician and sunny soul,

Which is why it’s so hard to understand that the heavy shroud hung over you,

Ready to drop and blanket your every cell of being and connectedness with us all.

I didn’t know you, but you made me smile, be content with life for a while,

So when I heard you were down and out Aussie star, it struck a chord

Deep enough to deflate my minds memory,

Of what it was like to be so enclosed in a tragedy so wholesome and mighty

It seemed the only thing to do would be to take the shackles off and

Tread into the black abyss to escape to death with no ache, no pain, no coming back.




Good Friday 2005

Julie McNeill ©all rights reserved



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