Save our Burrows


If I were a platypus I’d want to hide,
I’d want to feel safe in my burrow
On the banks of Obi Obi Creek.

I’d be wondering why the walls are shaking,
Why there’s vibrations making me anxious
And my eggs all addled and sinking deep in the soil.

I should leave but where would I go –
Into the mouths of cats and dogs
Or squashed on the road like toads and dragons?

The water that runs through the town of Maleny
Keeps me fed and fresh and mates to play with me!
Will I be shifted by conglomerate greed, litres and litres
Of poisonous disinfectants polluting our water system here,
And fumes and plastic bags flying in the air?

The yabbies won’t like it,
Nor will the worms, the fish and the fly catchers, our feathered friends
Will wither and seal all our fates forever.

But there’ll be a concrete Woolies and trolleys making a racket,
Big food transport on daily shifts,
And we’ll be homeless, egg-less, and starving except for
The rats and crows and magpies and other pests.

Where is the Great Spirit of Protection and Reconciliation
To Save our Burrows and waterways for future generations?


By Roy and Julie McNeill – Fernvale, in support of the residents of Maleny who want to keep their town beautiful, and the creek that meanders through the town, a sacred, breeding home for our unique wildlife.

For more information and how to support our neighbours cause, please go to


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