(for Elise)

                                                  Lest we forget when we were strong,
Robust and bright as the Silky Oaks
Keeping the Peace in our gardens.
And with their abundance of golden nectar
Allure the fauna so we are presented
With a theatre of pagan pleasure.
This memory make us
Stand tall, against the odds and the
Faulty equipment handed to us
To fight the good fight, but those
Damn chemicals – marvellous and horrific
Alter the way we perceive life and love
And slowly kill us.
Lest we forget the struggle to keep moving on
In fatigue, wondering why,
Why is it so important to linger in this life
Perpetually corrupted?
Why can’t we give up and be understood?
Lest we forget the Grevillea Robusta,
Beautiful wood, sacred Nature, standing
Gracefully, the best we can be too –
In this moment in Time
Honouring our precious lives.
(c)copyright Julie McNeill 2006
all rights reserved

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