Yesterday, Today- & Tomorrow

Yesterday, my love came in from the garden;
straw hat, holey, mis-shapen, sweat-soaked
T-shirt and old stained trousers…
He walked casually through the house,
boots caked in mud and mulch –
said, I’ve been throwing sticks at crows
and magpies.
My living, well-rounded scare-crow
of a husband diverts me from the screen
and keyboard, from a virtual reality –
to taste a leaf off a tree,
freshly plucked.
It’s an avocado leaf, said he,
so without leaving my hand from the mouse
I rip a piece of gorgeous green foliage
with my teeth, savour the mild aniseed flavour.
He takes a bite and chews it too,
then we turn to do our thing
with a refreshing, lingering sweetness
and I think of this as an added blessing.
Today , half way through washing up,
I notice the ripened peach he left for me
on the microwave top, take the gloves off,
gently pierce through the soft fur
to release the juice.
Time to sit, allow the nectar
to slip and slide down my throat,
while some escapes, cascades
onto the nave of my palm
forming a tributary around my wrist
and runs down my arm.
I can’t stop from eating the glorious orange flesh,
around the stone,
savouring each perfect sensation,
this sacred gift,
and I wonder what’s in store for me next.
(c)copyright Julie McNeill 2005
all rights reserved

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