I have not been  very successful working in the mainstream work force – too many grumpy people and being ‘a round peg in a square hole’ my psychiatrist said……… back to my own creative endeavors – I wrote this poem wanting to resign from another bullying situation but just thought I’d wait for the PMT to pass, in case my hormones were affecting my feelings – a week after it was clear I couldn’t continue to work with one particular person due to the stress – the pay I received for my brilliant work wasn’t worth persevering through it all….and the sleepless nights.


I was all ready to resign – whipped up(stressed)

And Blood showed its laughing smear

To halt me in my tracks of biological destiny.

Those ovaries that egg on desire and

Sex, and damn chemistry of hormones which

Delivers a rampage of confusion, in my mind(because)

I believe, I am certain, I am a Warrior

Against Injustice against me,

And I write and fight for the plight

Of the children and their loved ones

Stuck in refugee camps off – shore, in

Detention – seeking asylum.

Forget United Nations conventions, we

‘Fair- go’ Australians lead the way, compassion

Corrupted by fear of foreigners(xenophobia)

We always do forget we’ll keep repeating the same

Mistakes till we learn, have another Blood sacrifice

For the ‘Greater good’, the message

Comes from on high.

And so many believe them, who throw bombs

As if they were rocks from Davids sling-shot.

I’m all ready to quit my life on Earth,

This losing battle of Joy versus Despair,

Of wailing at the wall – gnashing my teeth

Through the night.

Then as Dawn birds sing, It becomes clear –

I am Fool each moon cycle

In an eternal card game, an archetypal

Female upon the stage, putting on a

Show to please, to provoke and

Do the best I know!

The screw does turn, awareness lightens like

Luna’s mood transitions and Death and Horror

Is committed in somebody elses

Theatre of War.

It’s 4am and I’m singing a song

For the preservation of my vocation,

To deliver us from Evil in the name

Of the God/dess from the depths

Of my Soul and genius of

My Ovarian cycle!



(c)copyright Julie McNeill




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