I heard prospective Senator from Ipswich on Radio National today – It’s a Free Media, right? – But what the bloody hell is happening? Never thought I’d hear P.H. campaigning on the ABC. 
What is Radio National putting on the blumin’ bile of Hanson? Just coz they have the Chasers "Bias Police" on them? Bleedin’ hell Fran, it spoiled my bloody morning. Reminded me of my bleeding youth listening to the same old, same old…..

      BLEEDING HELL! I swore at Radio One in Birmingham when I was home alone as a nine year old, colouring in and listening to Enoch bloody Powell saying there were too many Jamaicans, West Indians, Pakistanis, you name it they were coming in and destroying Great bloomin’ Britain…..

The announcer was polite to the Honourable gentlemen. Didn’t say ON YER BIKE like he did to the peasants that called in who disagreed with him.

WHATS THE BLOODY DEAL? I asked my Brummy self. Who the hell is this Enoch who doesn’t like the sight of black people….I had a crush on Easton Shaw from my school. He was the best soccer player. He was smart and good looking and he was nice, a bit shy. His sister was my best friend and they were black as the ace of spades.

My mum said I wasn’t to go out with a black boy because everyone would say I was black mans bait from then on and ruin my chances to be a bride.

BULLSHIT MUM I said to myself. I had read MARTIN LUTHER KING in the school library and he and I had a dream. I read it out loud and strong for school assembly and played the song, "what we need is a great big melting pot, big enough, big enough, to take the world and all its got, keep on stirring for a hundred years or more, to turn out coffee coloured people by the score!"

That was one answer I supposed, but we could all live with each other in peace and understanding and mutual respect.

Very simple – but why didn’t people try it?

Thirty-five years later in a veil of tears, menopause and BLEEDING, RUDDY(Nan said that’s the polite way of saying bloody) Pauline Hanson is invited onto radio to warn those Muslims and Asians not to bloody come here(no matter what the billboards say). 

It was alright for me of course, being a white Pom who could breed more whiteys but my daughter has now met a black African-white-Anglo-Indian man whose family was colonised and worked for the bleedin’ British, then fled from Bloody Idi Amin to their Colonial capital, tried to get on with life when every bloody where was the sound of the Nationl bloody Front marching.

I’m white, I’m Australian, Pauline, but will you lynch me when I say – I hate the bloody Aussie flag – I always have, with the bleedin’ Union Jack. Makes me cringe – what do you say to that, you bleeding Fascist – why don’t you go over bloody there, where you came from and get off my bloody radion station.

Bloodies in the Bible, Bloodies in the Book, if you don’t bloody believe me, have a bloody look!(Tiverton Rd. Primary School Playground, 1972)


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