Australian Labor Day Weekend 2007 in Ipswich, Qld.

Ipswich – Labor Day weekend – May 5th 2007 – the workers united will never be defeated –
slogans, badges, balloons, t.shirts saying Your Rights at Work worth fighting and voting for – and deep, rousing voices from the back chanting, Your Rights at Work, Howard Out! and from the front in reply they shout Vote for Labor, Vote for Rudd!
Bagpipes stir hearts and minds marching in unison down Brisbane St – Brass band trumpets Monty Pythons funny walk song! The sky is blue and huge, so anything is possible….Laughter comes easy, slapping on sun cream and hats and swigging on precious liquid H2O.

Three Labor/Union women – figureheads for a just and caring Nation make their presence felt, standing on Ipswich soil, is Sharon, Grace and Julia, with their high intelligence, and down-to-earth words and demeanor. They toil for a fair deal for workers and families for now, and for facing the future.

Free hamburgers and drinks, rides and jumping tiger for kids of loyal to the cause unionists and party members, and the Ipswich residents may go home and reflect on what it’s all about, and why they have to vote Howard and his ilk out!


She was a tiny Sheila, Mrs Miller,

Yet fought her whole life for the Rights

Of Man and of course the female folk too.

Not shy to stand up for a womans sufferage

To cast a vote, and live a life safe and secure

Her humanism and solidarity to the Labor cause

Against the greed and might of treacherous

Capitalists remains true to this day.

Emma was firm in her mission of a better life

For the battlers, the women and children who

Were paupers on less than a minimum wage,

Who could ill afford a loaf of bread

After paying the rent in rat infested squalor

On the flood-traps of the Brisbane river.

Her weapon was to use her intelligence, but

When push came to shove, she drew out

Her hat-pin and stuck it in the Commissioners horse

Who barred her way to petition the Premier that day.

The powers that be took a fall, but not before

They’d trounced on the right to march

In city streets, shouting, Cop that!

Swinging and swooping down on the masses

With their batons.

1900 seems so long ago but the message of Emma Miller

Is clear – Not to lay idle when there’s people suffering

The tyranny of bullies and bastards

Who use their power and money to entrench inequality.

There was no way that the ‘Grand Old Lady’ was

Inferior as she took on the hierachy!

True and loyal to the cause, she was a giant amongst women

And men, even though she was only 4ft 10inch tall!

She travelled and inspired from Toowoomba to Charleville

In a carriage, organising campaigns and

Events like no other, so we must remember and

Honour the lady who led the struggle up the steps

To Legislative chambers.



(C)copyright Julie McNeill 2006


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