A SUPERSTITIOUS AGE, encouraged by JAMES V1 Scotland and 1st of ENGLAND. He Wrote and Reigned by Fear and Favour, 1597-1625.bonfire nightGunpowderPlot WP_Fax_of_a_Woodcut_in_the_Cosmographie_Universelle_of_Thevet_in_folio_Paris_1574 In 1597, James published Daemonologie, his rebuttal of Reginald Scot’s skeptical work, The Discoverie of Witchcraft, which questioned the very existence of witches. Daemonologie was an alarmist book, presenting the idea of a vast conspiracy of satanic witches threatening to undermine the nation. In 1604, only one year after James ascended to the English throne, he passed his new Witchcraft Act, which made raising spirits a crime punishable by execution.

A Royal Headache
King James 1st Stuart King of England, b.Edinburgh 1566-England 1625 . Married to Anne of Denmark and blamed witches of Berwick for their stormy voyage from Norway, overseeing torture and trial and execution of over 70 “witches” 1590-1592.
St Catherin's
Home Territory of the Clark & Cannaday families.

Wapping wallSTEPNEY ACKERSJohn Clark Ratcliff 1554clarke will 1666


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