Max Ernst 1962 Violet Sonne
Max Ernst 1962
Violet Sonne

Changing pictures around the walls of home, reflections of us, licks of fresh lilac paint in our boudoir, tongue & groove, I find at pinterest a favourite passion of husband, the artist Max Ernst.

Max Ernst in Venice
Attirement of the Bride 1940

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Aussies say, You Beauty, and that was us travelling beautiful bits of Europe in 2010 – memories shared together, and knees forever damaged on cobble-stone roads.

Recovery with feet up on Queenslander verandah, I pin pictures of paintings by Australian painter Fred Williams. Thanks to Roy, his passion became mine.

Fred Williams
Fred Williams

Our dual Nationality of English city born/Australian cured is happy to be home this start of Spring 2015, golden wattle-lined roads.

Fred Williams, black wattle

<a href=”http:// Follow Julie’s board FRED WILLIAMS AUSTRALIAN ARTIST on Pinterest.//” target=”_blank”>Fred’s Australia


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