The Tories (LNP) won by dishonourable means.

October 2018 The Australian Labor Party has failed the environment and Australia’s children who are learning not to trust their government ministers to protect them, nurture their potential by the inability to do the honourable think and reduce carbon and methan in the atmosphere.

They learn at school, global warming consequences are the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef, the record extinctions of flora and fauna, huge bushfire destruction and trauma, but coal and gas take priority.

I had to quit the Queensland Labor Party. It was tortuous. My Conscience is in synch with the Greens.

I’m not the only one who is grappling with the sell-out to carbon polluting new mining (like Adani’s Carmichael mine) and others. Even more disturbing when your own Federal MP Shayne Neumann for Blair would rather keep in with his Union mates and support 19th century industry with mechanised, robotic diggers.

Of course citizens of Queensland voted for this result, but they were easily led and misinformed, and lied to.

As an outsider my perception is of a generational legacy of Premier Joh Bjelke Petersen and his autocratic bully ness (for which he received a Knighthood). It plays out in the indignities and racist rhetoric of Pauline Hanson and Peter Dutton, Queensland politicians who thanks to investigative journalism show us whats going on behind the scenes.

Money, Guns and Power, the building bricks to achieve a political career. Coal and Mineral donations to campaigns in exchange for destruction of Country and all the creatures who called it Home.

dead coral

MONEY MONEY MONEY – Dear Special Convoy for the Great Barrier Reef, Warren Entsch MP One of the world’s top marine scientists say he’s alarmed that the Federal Government’s new Special Envoy to the Great Barrier Reef has refused to name climate change as the biggest threat to the World Heritage Area.

It’s a strategy of the Liberal National Coalition – Tony Abbott was the Minister of Women, not a lot of injustices or positive reforms does a Catholic mysoginist make. Climate and Environment is peopled by big money Corporates in fossil fuelled industries. The North Queensland M.P. Warren Entsch of the Liberal Party flicks off concerns about his lack of knowledge on saving the Greatest Barrier Reef by saying he doesn’t have to try and save it……Coal’s good for jobs (but the science says the carbon emissions the project will produce adds up to a terrible price for the ecology of the reef!

The Qld ALP is insistent on spending a billion dollars from taxpayers purse to wreck the environment including the Great Barrier Reef because they believe what Mr Adani says. 4 Corners tonight will do the due diligence.

The veteran far north Queensland Liberal MP Warren Entsch has waged war on single-use plastics in his new role, arguing its time to develop a national policy to stop plastic pollution.

But he’s refusing to name any single biggest threat to the Great Barrier Reef, including climate change, prompting scientists to speak out.

Do the two major parties really care about the alarming report about global temperatures? Our World Heritage Listing of the Great Barrier Reef – does Canberra care? Do they believe in the Scientific truth? Most of the politicians claim a Faith in Christianity yet are hell bent on God’s Creation!

The Government have broken the United Nations Convention of the Refugees so why keep the Paris carbon emissions signature sincere to stop us going beyond 2 degrees celsius?

“In the last year we’ve had a global assessment of ice losses from Antarctica and Greenland and they tell us that things are worse than we’d expected,” said Prof Andrew Shepherd from the University of Leeds.

“The Greenland ice sheet is melting, it’s lost four trillion tonnes of ice and it’s losing five times as much ice today as it was 25 years ago.”

“In the US, Louisiana is on the front line of this climate crisis. It’s losing land at one of the fastest rates on the planet – at the rate of of a football field every 45 minutes,” said Colette Pichon Battle, a director of the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy. (BBC)

So the autocratic patriarchy are spending their time on ruling over women’s their bodies reproductive health. Making harsh penalties for a doctor who performs an abortion on an unwanted foetus, BUT they are sabre rattling and arms trading.

When so many women and children need a secure home, income, education our leaders spend billions of building submarines, because National Security is their first duty. Hah! These politicians bare no responsibility about the Antarctica melting and making the Seas rise and millions drowning, and species extinction.

It doesn’t seem so. During the recent Federal Election which saw grand protests by school kids for stopping coal mining, and the UN report which was an incredible alert, didn’t make any great concern or worry about the anxiety levels on our children’s mental health.

A Visit to Lady Musgrove Island, Queensland

WTF did QUEENSLANDERS DO VOTING A COAL PUSH FOR JOBS RATHER THAN EFFORTS INTO INNOVATION AND RENEWABLES? They have sacrificed short term gain for environmental catastrophe. So what they go on unemployment, the Government should be spending money on investments for the new renewable economy. WHO CARES FOR THEIR KIDS?

STUDENTS GO TO SCHOOL TO LEARN ACCUMULATED KNOWLEDGE OF THE RENAISSANCE, THE ENLIGHTENMENT ; ALBERT EINSTEIN WAS RIGHT! Incredibly the children respect the Professors, Dr’s and scientists who have studied climate change over three decades, BUT the grown-ups don’t!


FOLLOW THE MONEY from a previous post.



Our Last Arts grant Application at the Australia Council, asking $20,000  to produce puppet show about coral reef wonders 1988. It took 3months to fill. Education and arts means learning about the Natural World and it’s intersection with us. We listen to the ABCRadio Nation Science Show every Saturday at midday so we were well informed on the latest news about carbon pollution causing global warming 25 years ago. It was rejected. It was our last gasp in puppetry after 30 yrs.  The PM had $440million up his sleeve for his mates projects.  Apart from the corosion in governance and the institutions like the CSIRO it went to a NGO packed with CEO’s who we know could have dug deep in their own pockets.  Nature and Kids come first – ban Coal.

New Zealand Master class
Foam rubber puppet making workshop with Master Puppeteer Roy McNeill (with New Zealand Puppet Theatre 1990)
Black throated finch endangered Queenslanders to the gigantic Adani coal mine projects. Labor Premier is sure blokes jobs will equal votes for her.

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