Happy Birthday Catherine Willett,  my grandson’s 3rd great grandmother. 1st generation born Glengallen Station nr Warwick, Queensland, Australia – 1867. 

Willit Catherine
1876, born at Glengallen Station, daughter of the Stockman, George Willett.

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I’ve discovered ‘the in-laws’ ancestry comes from a long line of labouring, farming stock at the beginning of Queensland’s white history. When Catherine was born on Glengallen Station the big house was being built. Glengallon

ENGLISH ROOTS: BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. GEORGE WILLETT was 8 YEARS of age when his family boarded the St. Vincent at Deptford dock, London in 1867.

They were called Bounty immigrants for their subsidised fees. Children were charged 9shillings one way and adults 12shillings. Agricultural labourers were the desired types to develop the black soil of SE Queensland, then part of the colony of New South Wales.

St Vincent image
St. Vincent tea clipper sails from Liverpool, Greenock to Sydney.

Darling Downs


Opportunity to Learn & Grow & Prosper free from England’s class system.

James Larfield
James Larfield weds Catherine Willett. They farm FAIRVIEW selection in Allora, Warwick, producing 14 children.

CATHERINE’S mother MARGARET DOBBINS came to the Darling Downs via County Armagh, Northern Ireland(Protestant). Survivor of the Potato Famine, and the Voyage to New South Wales.

Famous Tea Clipper. Among the earliest of the Black Ball liners to come to Moreton Bay was the ” Cairngorm”—a very famous ship in her day. She was built at Aberdeen in 1853, expressly for the purpose of wresting from the American tea clippers the supremacy which had been theirs for a number of years. The highest hopes of the builders were realised, and the “Cairngorm” made a succession of passages between the Chinese tea ports and London, which put all the performances of the Americans into the shade. In 1860, however, James Baines was able to purchase the “Cairngorm” for the Black Ball line, and she was put into the Australian trade under Captain Robert Cairncross, a shipmaster who already had made a name for himself in Australian waters; and who, in his later years, settled permanently in Queensland. The first two outward voyages of the ” Cairn- gorm” under the Black Ball flag were made from London to Sydney. In 1860 Captain Cairncross took the ship out in 88 days, a creditable performance. The “Cairngorm,” however, demonstrated her sail- ing qualities better on the return passage to Lon- don with wool, which was accomplished in 72 days, and on her next outward trip she dropped anchor in Sydney Harbour ,77 days after leaving the Thames


the chosen ones
St. John's Orphanage new intakes

Accepting the apology to the Forgotten Australians and former Child Migrants by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Parliament House, 11am.Monday Thursday 16th. Lest We Forget…………………


Mum in Brum, bore the brunt

Of urgent passion in the black-out

Born a bastard because war

Hates fertile virgins.

Breast-fed, then released to nuns

Merciful mission and practiced barbarity,

Her mother worked in Munitions

Till tempted and charmed again

Without a French Letter.

Sins kept secret for years,

Shipped and adopted out

Like thousands of other


Mum’s memory blank until

A new coat and a big boat

Believing it was a holiday,

But it was bullshit –

Folded her arms in resistance

To a snap happy press.

The life of promise presented

To the public was a lie swept away,

Scrubbed, polished, ironed and

Peeled, their labour milked

By bare-foot kids on 4a.m. dew.

She breathed in the blue

Sky and ran to the bush

So the nuns tied her up,

Sent to care for bairns in cots,

And repent for unknown

Mother’s shame, and all

Before her, like

Faceless Grandma who died in

Cheap whiskey songs and

Soldiers Syphillus, and

Great Grandmother derangement

In Dublin’s asylum, all meant

Early un-named graves and

Generational orphans.

Church and State treated our women

Like scum and stigmatised with

Hypocracy unbound,

Preaching the sanctity of life

Whilst criminilising abortions.

Ignorant and deceived to rampant

Cruelty behind iron gates where

Stealing bread and apple cores

In pigs bins was common.

Starvation curried no favour with

Electric wires around the vegie patch.

Quoting Bible, vengeful God in

Heaven and Jesus his Son,the

Stations of the Cross a surreal

Sight dramatised by the Crows circling

Paddocks and vast blue skies

The only relief.

Mum survived this with rebel resilience,

One of a million blights on Christianity

And the State’s complicity, only brought

To light by social justice warriors.

(c)copyright Julie McNeill,Nov.2009

all rights reserved